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The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe

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Please note: We do not take owner surrenders and only work with rescues

About Us

Welcome to The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe!

Jade exploring cat shelves at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe is like a regular cafe, except that it is full of  free-roaming cats! These cafe cats are in an interactive space where they eat, sleep and play. Guests can come in and enjoy a piece of cake or coffee while enjoying the restorative environment. The Cheshire Grin is a cafe where you can play with adoptable cats! We sell coffee, drinks and delicious baked goods. All of the cats you see at our space are adoptable! If you are interested in  adopting, all potential adopters must fill out an application  with that cat's specific rescue and have a conversation with a staff member prior to adopting. 

Benefits of a Cat Cafe

Mice in mugs at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe St. Louis, Missouri.

Think of The Cheshire Grin as a giant foster house for amazing adoptable cats waiting for their forever homes. The environment of the café gives the cats a chance to feel at home while they get used to interacting with many different people.

Potential  adopters will be able to interact and learn more about the cats' personalities. As staff and volunteers learn about each cats' needs and personalities, we can match them with their puuurfect adopter.

For Rescues: We are willing to foster any adult friendly cat(s) that have been FIV/FELV tested, neutered, and fully vaccinated to be an indoor cat. We are here to help you make some space in your shelter! Please contact us for more info. and thank you for rescuing cats!

Hello! About Kateri and Paul

Cat on glass, looking up from front lobby at The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe located in St. Louis, Missouri.

We realize that there are a lot of dog rescues in the St. Louis area,  but not as many cat rescues. While rescues are rescuing and T.N.R.-ing cats from the streets, we realized that the shelter environment isn’t the best for them to express their true personalities. Many sheltered cats tend to show signs of being stressed and scared instead of friendly and approachable. This situation doesn’t allow them to show off their true personalities. We have both worked in the shelter setting for many years and we take that experience into account in our cafe design. Our kitties purr, talk, play and even snuggle. We want adopters to come in and see how friendly are cats are! Cats open up and show their true colors when they have strangers to impress. The cafe also allows us to see how they interact and play with other cats when they have space to run and play. We feel that all cats deserve a chance to be loved. We want to show you that all cats can be affectionate companions in the right scenario!

Meet the Cat's who live at the Cheshire Grin


Sourpatch Kid at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe St. Louis.

Sourpatch Kid is a  sweet 2 year old male kitty who loves to rub against your legs. He is friendly with people and cats and wouldn't mind a lap to lay in. If you are interested in Sourpatch Kid, call the APA to fill out an applicati


Sigourney is from CARE STL he is 2 years old and is more of a pet on his own terms kind of cat!

Sigourney is a 3 year old male. He is a very curious kitty. So much, that he will follow you around seeing what you are up too! Fill out an adoption application here!


Donna cat at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe St. Louis from CARE STL.

Donna is one of our newest cat at the Cheshire Grin! She is a very calm, sweet laid back cat that gets along well with other cats. She loves a nice spot to perch. If you are interested in Donna, click here fill out an application.


Ice Cream is a 2 year old female kitty who is living at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe St. Louis.

Ice Cream is an adorable curious cat! She is 2 years old and is a sweet heart. When you start to pet her she won't stop purring! If you are interested in Ice Cream, click here to fill out an application!


Samantha is a one year old cat at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe.

Samantha is a sweet but a little shy kitty. She is one years old and loves pets around her neck. If you are interested in Samantha click here to fill out an application!



Jamie is a sweet 5.5 year old girl. She is an itty bitty kitty but she has a full sized heart. She has had a rough past and is just now becoming her full self. She loves to chase toys rolling across the floor. If you are interested in Jamie, click here to fill out an application!


Gucci is a handsome 4 year old larger tabby from the APA St. Louis.

Gucci is a sweet, big boy at 16 pounds! But it doesn't stop this 4 year old from following you around. He is a big lover who loves showing his affection in purrs! Gucci is a gentle giant, MOST of the time! To fill out an application call the APA!


Chance is a sweet black cat!

This beautiful beauty is Chance! She is a 2 year old female who is very social. She loves attention and might jump in your lap for a quick cat nap or love! If you are interested in Chance, give the APA a call to fill out an application!


Margie from Spay it Forward Missouri at the Cheshire Gin Cat Cafe St. Louis.

Margie is the sweetest little mini cat. She is like the Volkswagen Beetle of cats meaning she is half the size of a normal cat. At 1.5 years old she has a very big outgoing and playful personality. If you are interested in Margie send a message here!


Cat Jeffery Perry at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe St. Louis.

Jeffery Perry is one of our newest kitties in the cafe. He's very laid back with a mellow personality. He enjoys snuggling and pets. Jeffery is 1 years old. If you are interested in Jeffery Perry, fill out an application here!


Max at the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe.

Max is a huge love bug who loves to get attention. He loves his life here free roaming and ready to find his forever home. Max is 3 years old. If you are interested in Max, send an email to ppiadoptioninquiries@gmail.com.


House cat Whiskey in the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe St. Louis.

Mr. Whisker Biscuit AKA Whiskey, is one of two residential cats who live in the cafe. He can be a little shy around new people, but with some soft encouragement, you might become his new friend!


House resident Yuki in the Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe St. Louis.

Yuki is the second resident and she takes pride in knowing she is the ruler of the cafe. One of her favorite places to hang out is on the second floor banisters around the cat walk! You might spot her floating above you on the plexi as you walk in the front lobby!


Yuki looking through shelving at The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe in St. Louis.

What do we do to ensure the cats' well being?

Cats are our number 1 priority. Aside from building a cat-ified space that allows the cats  to interact with guests on their own terms, we also look after their  health and wellness. We have a set of rules we ask our guests to follow  in order to ensure the best possible experience for our guests and cats.  We keep an eye on our cats to make sure that they're thriving in our environment. Those cats who show any sign of unhappiness are put into foster care until a more suitable arrangement is found.

Where do you get your cats from?

The Cheshire Grin works with local rescues in the St. Louis area. We do not take owner surrenders and work only through rescues.

Can I bring my own cat to the cafe?

No. The cats in  The Cheshire Grin are already acclimated into the café setting. Think about when you bring your cat to the vet, and how stressful that can be. Bringing your cat to a cafe may be fun for you, but probably not for your cat. For this reason, we  don’t want adopted cats in our café.

Can I book a private event?

Yes!!! If you are  interested in hosting a private event, The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe can help accommodate. This will make your wedding shower, graduation party or any occasion stand out from the rest! Please email us at thecheshiregrincatcafe@gmail.com with all of your details including the date and event type. We allow up to 20 guests at our private events.

Do I have to make an appointment? Can I book multiple appointments at one time?

Walk-in's are welcome but we encourage you to make a reservation so you have a guaranteed spot. We can only allow 15 people in the cafe per hour.

Unfortunately you have to book individually if you have a larger party coming in. We know, it's annoying. Or you can shoot us and email and we can add them in for you! thecheshiregrincatcafe@gmail.com

What are your hours?

We are open Friday through Sunday, 10am-6pm.

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Please note: We do not take owner surrenders and only work with rescues


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